days n daze - misanthropic drunken loner

I want to hide away in the back of a cave 
at the top of a mountain 
where no one can hear me and no one can see me 
so I don’t have to deal with them 
and they don’t have to deal with me 
Cause relationships are overrated 
maybe I’m just tired and jaded 
but I’m sorry I just like myself more than I like you 

So call me anit-social call it masterbation 
Either way it’s a solo operation 
I’m just far more comfortable alone 

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You’ll get by so nice without me.
Two years and you still don’t know a thing about me.
I’m hoping you’ll learn it’s not worth being hurt.

You say you’re listening - you’re not. 

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Anonymous: You're girlfriend is fucking gorgeous holy shit

don’t you think I know that? :-)